sunnuntai 22. syyskuuta 2013


In this pictures I was wear special shoes (which are from my grandma), expensive diamond rings and basic trousers (LINDEX).

As you know I like fashion, delicious food, traveling.. It doesn't mean that everything should be expensive or new. One of my favorite things are vintages because they are unique. I think that every outfit needs something special (for example jewelry), expensive (for example high fashion bag) and basic (for example trench coat). 

Washing a car because it was too dirty. Now it looks better!

Amazing dessert! So good...

Because it was Saturday we took little bit champagne with my friends. The glasses are almost empty because I almost forgot take a picture of the moment. Better ones next time!

Btw, you must try MUMM or MÖET champagne. They are my favorites!

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